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2008 NHL Lady Byng Trophy

Datsyuk, Pominville, and St. Louis are Lady Byng Trophy Nominees


Call this award what you like; the flower award, the wuss award or the non-verbal and physical abuse award. No matter how you look at it, the Lady Byng trophy is given to the NHL player who best shows gentlemanly sportsmanship while playing at the highest ability. Detroit’s Pavel Datsyuk, Buffalo’s Jason Pominville and Tampa Bay’s Martin St. Louis have completed all the pre-requisites to be nominees for the least-known award in the NHL.

Datsyuk has won this award for the past 2 consecutive years and now looks to make it a tri-fecta. His 10 minor penalties, totaling 20 minutes, helps him stay on the ice and may be the reason why he tallied 97 points this season. The fact that he legally stole the puck 144 times in 82 games without touching the hands of the opponent, just the stick is beyond skillful.

Pominville had an 80 point season without a single soul knowing about it. Talk about a quiet, successful year. He too, only broke the NHL law 10 times but still could not lead the Sabres to the post season. This is Pominville’s first Lady Byng nominee, but he will have to wait for another year to actually win it.

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St. Louis would love to forget about the 2007-2008 season on the base that his Tampa Bay Lightning finished dead last in the league. He did finish the year with 83 points and only 13 infractions. Imagine how terrible the Bolts would have been if he spent more time in the box.

Datsyuk should win this award for the 3rd straight year in 2008. Actually, he could go home this year with the Lady Byng (sportsmanship), 2008 Frank J. Selke Trophy (defensive forward), Clarence Campbell (Western Conference Champions) and the Stanley Cup if all goes well. No matter what, his Detroit Red Wings already have the President’s Trophy for the team record after the season.


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By Kevin Chaves
ProHockey-fans.com Staff Writer

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