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The Worst NHL Jersey’s of All-time

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Whatever happened to keeping things simple? Each team used to have a home jersey and an away jersey with one being white and the other being the dominate team color with simple, meaningful logo. But in 1995, markets wanted more money from jersey sales and began a new trend. Why sell two jerseys, when you can sell three or four jerseys of the same team. The problem is that most of the additional jerseys were terrible, not to mention that some jerseys of the past were no better.

I do not have a degree in marketing and I am not one to talk about the business side of many things, especially NHL markets. The truth is, I am only a non-picky consumer that is willing to spend some money on NHL jersey’s that I think are nice enough to wear. This brings me to the jerseys that I wouldn’t spend a dollar on and would need some sort of bribery to affiliate with.

This top 10 list is based on the worst NHL jerseys of all-time. I actually have a hard time understanding why any franchise would go through with attempting to sell these to their fans. These are just down right ugly.


And now, we will not keep you waiting...

#10 – 1995-1996 St. Louis Blues

Thanks to Mike Keenan, this jersey never officially debuted in the NHL, though it was very close. This is an example of why the people who wear it or buy it should have a say in what to produce before it hits the public and not the idiots who produce toilet paper like this. Did they really think that people would buy something that looks like…..what the hell does it look like, a colourful marching band? Maybe the league should give the some departments of the office staff drug tests.

  #9 – 1970’s Colorado Rockies

Putrid. There is no way you can convince me that this is the best idea they came up with; an ugly logo on an even more ugly color sequence. It sort of resembles the St. Louis Blues jersey of the 90’s, which means they are equally as bad.

#8 – 2008-2009 Atlanta Thrashers

Something about this jersey makes me sick. Although not too many people liked their light blue ones, I kind of did. They are sure a hell of a lot better than this cheap fireman’s outfit. 

#7 – 2005-2006 Nashville Predators


I tried my best to keep this jersey off this list since the actual predator logo is awesome. The hangover-vomit color of it is awful and is why this jersey stinks. Why is that color?

#6 – 1995-1996 New York Islanders

Here’s an idea: let’s put some wacky water waves and flashy font under an old guy that looks like that geriatric man on the frozen fish boxes. Was the team sponsored by a fish stick company? Sorry Islander fans but this color combo belongs on….on….nothing, especially not a hockey jersey.



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#5 – 2002-2003 Phoenix Coyotes


This would work as great camouflage when hunting in the woods, too bad for the Coyotes they play ice hockey on white rink. It’s hard to convince a city to support a team with this jersey. The actual coyote holds some sort of futuristic artistic value but is everything else really necessary? The moon looks more ridiculous then that terrible looking attempt for a dramatic outback scene.

#4 – 1995-1996 Anaheim Ducks

Of course ducks look like super aliens and break through ice with hockey sticks. If the hockey stick was not in this logo, it would look like a masked mad man jumping through ice and about to fly into a teal sky on his way to his space home. Then again, the Anaheim Masked Madmen sounds pretty good for a team name. At least it didn’t take long for the organization to take this disgusting thing off the ice.

#3 – 1970’s Vancouver Canucks

What really sucks about this jersey is everything.

#2 – 1995-1996 Boston Bruins

If the 70’s Canucks jersey didn’t work, why would this? What a way to ruin one of the most historical NHL franchises in history. Who came up with the idea of putting a smiling “Smokey the Bear” on a jersey that’s the color of rotten mustard? Are there even forest fires in Boston? I am positive there are meaner looking bear pictures out there or was the team leaning to go with a “Yogi and Boo-Boo” look. Not sure, but this jersey made me less of a Bruins fan then I was before.

And my winner for the worst jersey in NHL history goes to…

#1 – 1995-1996 Los Angeles Kings


I cannot believe that the best player to ever play the game also wore the ugliest jersey to ever appear in a NHL game. Why did Wayne Gretzky even put this thing on? The team is called the Los Angeles Kings; a name that represents hierarchy, wealth and someone everyone obeys. Yet they wear a jersey that has the most hideous tee-shirt pattern with the Burger King on it. The Los Angeles Purple Burger Kings….or does it look like a cheap playing card? Maybe Burger King gave one of these away with every value meal since no one would be them. This is very inexcusable and by far, the worst jersey in history.


Agree, disagree? Let me hear what you have to say.


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The Worst NHL Jersey’s That Deserve Honourable Mention:

  • 1975-1976 California Golden Seals
  • 1997-1998 Tampa Bay Lightning (third jersey)


By Kevin Chaves
ProHockey-fans.com Staff Writer

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