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Ovechkin shines for Capitals


Four goals, one assist.

One broken nose, one set of stitches, and one black eye.

Washington Capitals 5 - Montreal Canadiens 4.

Of the five goals the Washington Capitals scored on January 31, 2008, Alexander Ovechkin had at least a piece of every single one. Is anyone surprised?

Even though the 2007-2008 NHL season hasn’t been kind to the Washington Capitals, it has been more than friendly to Alexander Ovechkin. The 22-year-old Russian is currently leading the NHL in both goals and points and he is showing no signs of slowing down. Absolutely none.

Ovechkin has not only become an integral piece of the NHL’s youth; he has carved his very own place in it. He has earned the respect of a veteran in a mere three seasons and shattered expectations, which were quite high to begin with.

The Washington Capitals depend on him, the game would be different without him, and the NHL will grow because of him. Any team going up against Ovechkin and his Capitals know what they are up against and must prepare themselves in kind. Ovechkin is a tough, aggressive left-winger with a killer one-timer and an impregnable drive to score goals. Defensemen must learn how to stop him and forwards must learn to overcome the points he tallies game after game. He is a force.


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With Sydney Crosby missing a significant chuck of the season, Ovechkin has effectively stolen the spotlight. As of March 17, 2008, he is a mere three goals away tallying a 60-goal season. Barring injury or sudden slump, there is nearly no doubt Ovechkin will hit the 60 mark putting him in the NHL history books alongside Mario Lemieux, Jaromir Jagr, Wayne Gretzky, and Brett Hull.

There is no telling exactly what Ovechkin will do throughout his career and no indication that we’ve seen the extent of his full ability. If he continues at his current pace, obviously, the best is yet to come.

Alexander Ovechkin - The Great 8

Alexander Ovechkin - The Great 8

Alexander Ovechkin - The Great 8

By Shaela Moen
ProHockey-fans.com Staff Writer


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