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Sundin’s Stanley Cup Run Tracker

How is Vancouver’s investment working out ?



January 18 th, 2009 was the one month anniversary of the “big” signing of Mats Sundin. We can now begin to observe if the route to his first Stanley Cup could honestly happen. Let’s not forget that Mats signed with the Canucks because of what he called was the great opportunity to win a championship and not the 8.6 million dollar pay check; by the way, Sidney Crosby only makes 8.7 million dollars a year.

Since his signing, the Canucks have had 15 games, six of which Sundin has played in. It looked great after the first game where Vancouver beat Edmonton in Sundin’s season opener. From that point on, it’s been all downhill with the team losing five in a row. For those who are not mathematicians, the Canucks are 1-4-1 with Sundin.

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During those games he only has two goals (one on the power play) and one assist for three points. This puts him on pace for 23 points in 46 games but what do you expect when he has taken a mere 11 shots on net. It doesn’t help when Sundin’s plus/minus ratio is a Swede, I mean sweet -3.

Those numbers will never lead a team to the cup finals. To make things worse, from the moment the “big” signing was official, Vancouver has only won four of those past 15 games including losing five in a row and seven of their last eight.

I don’t want to hear things like, “give him time”, “let him get into shape” or “he hasn’t been on the ice for awhile”. Those aren’t things, those are excuses. He was signed on December 18, 2008 and did not play until January 7, 2009; three weeks later. That’s plenty of time to get into the groove of things. Plus, if he knew he was going to return to the game, it’s his responsibility to maintain his fitness and “great” physique. On top of that, what’s Vancouver’s reasoning than for signing an over-the-hill, out of shape player for the same value as Crosby?

All-star goalie Roberto Luongo has been out with a nagging injury for sometime but that’s no excuse either. I don’t expect them to beat the Sharks yet but games against teams like St. Louis, Columbus, Phoenix and even New Jersey must be won to be cup contenders. This is where Sundin has to step up and be the player that people expect.

Mats Sundin was a very good player, was. His numbers are not good enough for the Hockey Hall of Fame and probably won’t ever be but he may sneak in one day. This great idea of his return has showed that it was never a good idea at all. His fans will always support him but the numbers don’t lie, he has been nothing shy of a huge disappointment.


Current Conference Standings: 7 th place; two points out of 5 th but only four points ahead of 12 th.

Record since his signing: 4-8-3 or 1-4-1 when he plays.

Stanley Cup Odds: Poor.

Worth his salary: Not even close.


By: Kevin Chaves
ProHockey-fans.com Staff Writer

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