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Denis Savard, You're Fired!

The real question is why...


I understand that the life of a NHL coach can be very unpredictable. I understand that the only thing that counts for big league coaches is winning. What I don’t understand is how a maturing team like the Chicago Blackhawks that have improved every season for the past four seasons can fire Denis Savard after only four games into the new season.

Does starting a season 1-2-1 really deserve a firing? If so, that means that nine other coaches should also be axed off their teams. To makes things worse, Savard was fired immediately after Chicago’s first win of the year. Here is a coach that led this team an incredible turn-around season last year as the team improved by sixteen points from the season before. Actually, they were only four points out of a playoff spot. Savard’s game plan for the team was about to kick in until this shocking firing.

How do we convince ourselves that this was a good move by the Blackhawks?

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Personally, I cannot see any legitimate reason. Maybe with the offseason signings of big names like Brian Campbell and Cristobal Huet combined with the ridiculous amount young talent on the team, Chicago’s management is expecting to go undefeated? Last season after four games into the season, the Blackhawks started an astonishing one point better than this year’s campaign. There must be something we don’t know.

To fill in his shoes, former St. Louis Blues and Colorado Avalanche head coach, Joel Quenneville and I wish him luck.



By Kevin Chaves
ProHockey-fans.com Director of Content

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