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Sabres Fall to Lowly Islanders; Lose Third Straight



The Buffalo Sabres offensive woes continued in Long Island as they failed to score a goal, falling 2-0 to the bottom feeding New York Islanders, losing they’re third straight and seventh in ten games to slide closer and closer toward missing the Eastern conference playoffs.

Carolina lost so they, along with Buffalo, remain locked at 69 points. Buffalo has the tie breaker at the moment, so they remain in the eighth seed but won’t stay there much longer if they continue to play as they have in recent weeks.

After a scoreless first period, Sean Bergenheim scored 6:13 into the second period to give the Islanders the lead.

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Late in the third period, with just over two minutes to play, the Islanders put the game away when Bergenheim scored his second goal. After shielding the puck with his body Frans Nielsen backhanded a pass in front of the net and Bergenheim was able to slip it past Lalime who had lost track of the puck.

Both teams were 0 for 4 on the power play.

Back-up goaltender Patrick Lalime did as much as he could, making 32 saves but had no help from his offense or defensive lines. Buffalo managed 31 shots on goal but couldn’t put one in the net.

The Sabres have now scored just three goals in they’re last three games – all losses at a time when losing is not the way to punch your ticket to the playoffs.

Buffalo got some good news along with bad: top goal scorer Thomas Vanek could return Wednesday when they host Montreal. He is still on IR with a fractured jaw and will need to wear a face mask to protect himself from further injury.

The bad news is that starting goalie Ryan Miller is out at least eight games or the next three weeks and could be out as many as twelve. While that is disheartening news, if Buffalo can’t get they’re offense on track and start scoring goals they won’t make the playoffs regardless of who’s in goal.



Erich Straub
ProHockey-fans.com Buffalo Sabres Correspondent

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