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Capital Punishment: Washington drops Sabres again



The Washington Capitals won their fourth straight and handed the Buffalo Sabres their fourth loss in five games with a 4-2 victory Tuesday night.

Capitals star Alexander Ovechkin had an off night, failing to score any points, but the Capitals were able to get two power play goals and 31 saves from Jose Theodore to improve to 24-11-3.

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Conversely, the Sabres dropped to 6-7 in the month of December and remain well behind the Montreal Canadiens and division leading Boston Bruins.

Brooks Laich got things started early for the Capitals scoring on the power play just a 1:57 into the game. Chris Bourque, son of great defenseman Ray Bourque, made it 2-0 with his first goal of the season. Nicklas Backstrom made it 3-0 with another power play goal in a penalty filled second period. Boyd Gordon added a shorthanded goal late into the empty net.

 The Sabres finally got on the board with a goal from Adam Mair and Clarke MacArthur scored his 11th of the season with a meaningless power play goal with 11 seconds left.

The Sabres continue to get good chances with 33 shots on goal but have had the habit of falling behind early and then struggling to play from behind. That was the case again tonight as they fell behind 2-0 in the first.

They have been good against the power play most of the season, killing them off 87 percent of the time – which ranks third in the league behind Minnesota and the NY Rangers – but are struggling lately.

They have also struggled to score on the power play, converting just 19.6 percent into goals. They were 1/5 in the loss.

The Sabres were 14-3 against Washington prior to last Friday’s game but fell to 1-2 against the Capitals this season.


Erich Straub
ProHockey-fans.com Buffalo Sabres Correspondent

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