Quantcast Washington Capitals: Caps keep cruising
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Ovechkin Spurned; Capitals Keep Cruising



How does Alex Ovechkin, an energetic, charismatic and beloved player who happens to be the league's leading goal scorer and one of the leaders in total points get denied a starting spot on the All Star team? Despite Washington quickly turning into a rabid, hockey crazy town, they will always be outdone by the sheer numbers and intensity of fans of the Montreal Canadiens, who must have voted early and voted often.

The Canadiens have four players slated into the Eastern Conference's starting lineup. Don't tell me it's about leadership, because there are few players in the league that get his line mates and teammates to rally around him and play to his level than Alex Ovechkin. Don't tell me it's about effort, because nobody in the league can say they try any harder, in all facets of the game, than Alex Ovechkin. Don't tell me it's about team success, because the Washington Capitals have more points than the Canadiens and are leading their division.

It's clearly not about individual statistics, since Ovechkin leads the pack. Ah, it must be that the Canadiens are hosting this year's All Star festivities and the fans wanted to see a few of their own getting the star treatment for their enjoyment. Not that there's anything wrong with, and furthermore, not that Ovechkin and the Capitals seem to care one bit.


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The Caps have won their last six outings and are currently on an 11-1 hot streak. Included among those victories was a stunning come from behind Overtime victory over the Rangers in Madison Square Garden. Down, 4-0, Washington rallied (led by guess who?) to win the game 5-4.

For the season they are 17-1-1 at home and they lead the Southeast division with 55 points. If the playoffs started today, they'd be a number 2 seed behind the Boston Bruins in the East, enjoying their more than comfortable home ice advantage.

So All Star game voters, specifically those in Montreal, the Capitals are giving a massive "Who Cares" signal right back in your direction. Ovechkin will surely be on the team, and undoubtedly he'll find a way to steal the show either during the game or during the skills competitions- or both. So you can have your players in the starting lineup, good for you. In the meantime, the Capitals are going to keep riding their hot streak and giving those eager fans in Washington to cheer about.


Jake Emen
ProHockey-fans.com Staff Writer