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Chicago falls to Detroit, but look for revenge in Winter Classic at Wrigley.



It was certainly not what the Chicago Blackhawks had hoped for when they rode into Joe Louis Arena Tuesday night on a franchise-record nine game winning streak.

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The good news is that they get another shot at the Central Division leading Red Wings right away. After falling 4-0 to Detroit last night the two teams will meet in the highly anticipated New Year’s Day Winter Classic at Wrigley Field in Chicago. Detroit goaltender Ty Conklin who recorded the shutout will no doubt be in goal for the Red Wings Thursday as he brings with him experience in previous outdoor games. Conklin was with Edmonton in 2003 when they played the Canadiens outdoors and with Buffalo when they face Pittsburgh in last year’s Winter Classic. Chicago’s Bryan Campbell was with Buffalo last season, and Blackhawks Adam Burish played in an outdoor game while he was in college at Michigan. Burish’s best advice to his teammates is to take in the excitement of the vent and savor it. He also said that the cold will not be a factor once the game begins.

The media had a chance to get a first hand look at the ice surface at Wrigley on Tuesday night and by most account the ice appears to be in good shape and Dan Craig who is in charge of the playing surface will be working with his crew over the next couple of days to get it in prefect condition for the big game.

Wrigley Field has been the home of the Chicago Cubs and the NFL Chicago Bears, and it was for many years the place where Harry sang and everyone else followed. Many memories exist at Wrigley and this Winter Classic 2009 will provide many more to be added to the long list.

Harry Caray, Bill Veeck, Ernie Banks, Fergie Jenkins, and Ryne Sandberg are just a few of the names that created many of those previous memories. In a few days there will be one more Wrigley Field memory names like Kane, Toews and Sharp could have a lot to do with making it a special memory for those attending the game, and for those who will be watching around North America.


PROSPECT UPDATE: Chicago’s second round pick in 2007, Akim Aliu has left the London Knights due to what have been referred to as personal reasons. Leaving some doubt to what the immediate future holds for him.


Dan Haugh
ProHockey-fans.com Chicago Blackhawks Correspondent
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