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A tribute to Luc Bourdon's life


There are moments in every professional hockey player’s life that define his career:

The moment he steps onto the ice for the very first time and the moment he leaves it for good.

The moment his team wins a big game…and the moment they lose one.

The moment he gets drafted and puts on his first NHL jersey.

The moment he is forced to battle against men he once considered teammates.

The moment he realizes he has just scored his first goal or his last.

Luc Bourdon scored his first NHL goal on November 16, 2007. He scored his last on January 31, 2008. During his career as a professional hockey player, Bourdon was drafted by the Vancouver Canucks, stepped onto the ice as a full fledged professional, helped his team win big games, suffered with them after big loses, and battled against men he once considered teammates. Luc Bourdon was able to realize the range of moments that define a career in the National Hockey League. Likewise, Luc Bourdon was able to put together all the pieces that makeup a professional hockey player. Unfortunately, he was only allotted a short time to do so.

On May 29, 2008, Luc Bourdon was killed in a tragic motorcycle accident near his hometown. His story came to a sudden and definite close, but not before one more chapter could be written about his professional career.

On May 29, 2008, Luc Bourdon was officially and eternally placed into the National Hockey League family. Players who had never met him learned who he was and those who had never played with or against him recognized what great loss had just occurred. The entire league felt the impact of this young player’s death and the entire league was moved.

Bourdon’s life brought him to hockey and eventually, to the NHL, but his young death placed him in the minds and hearts of every player and every fan. His death leaves so many questions among a group who will never get to see exactly what lay ahead for this talented defensemen. While it is more than customary that those who personally knew Bourdon feel immensely for his death, it is an honor and a privilege to be a piece of that emotion as a player or fan. We will remember him and what he contributed to the history and heart of the game, from peewee hockey to the pros.

At the time of loss, words seem trivial. After all, what can you tell a family who has just buried a son? Teammates who have just lost one of their own? Friends who are now left with only memories?

In short, you tell them Luc will live within the memories of those who knew him, and that those who had the special privilege of playing with or against him will take his memory to the ice each and every time they set foot upon it.

You tell them Luc Bourdon’s work did not go unnoticed and his history of incredible defensive plays will never be forgotten (did you see that incredible stop on Alexander Ovechkin?) You tell them he contributed to the teams he played on and the players he played with and had a part in shaping both.

Finally, you tell them Luc Bourdon should never be thought of in terms of what he was not able to accomplish but instead, of what he was. His many accomplishments can never be taken away and the defining moments of every hockey player’s career were able to define Bourdon’s as well.


By Shaela Moen
ProHockey-fans.com Staff Writer


Luc Bourdon had an impression on many throughout the hockey world as seen in Shaela's article above and Kevin Chaves' Bourdon article earlier this week.


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