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The Best Non-Gretzky Records in NHL History


Wayne Gretzky owns 61 NHL individual records himself with 99% of them having no chance to ever be broken. For example, his 1016 goals, 2223 assists and 3239 total points will never be threatened while his 92 goals in one season is beyond imagination (only eight players last season had 92 or more points). To even go more extreme, who in the world can score 200 points in a single season, never mind match the fact that Gretzky did it four times.

I can go on all day and list the other 56 records but it’s more fun to see the ones that even the “great one” could not possess. There can be a debate on which records are more impressive or harder to earn but this compiles the impossible.

Either way, you cannot debate what these people have accomplished as these records should stand until the end of time. That is unless a new “Gretzky” emerges into today’s NHL as a healthy player who can play every position at once, score at the snap of a finger, drop the gloves every game, win an abundance of Stanley Cups and spend his 53 rd birthday on the ice.

And now, we will not keep you waiting...


#10 – Consecutive games started by a goaltender – Glenn Hall with 502

This streak for Hall prolonged over eight seasons and he did most of it without a goalie mask. Think of all the pain the players played through in the 50’s and 60’s with little medical secrets. Ultimately, as the inventor of the “butterfly style”, Hall’s back gave out in 1962 to end his unbeatable goalie streak.

Today’s NHL goalies rarely play 70 games in a season or maybe 30 games in a row. It would take a net minder to play in every single game in close to seven straight years to match; not going to happen.


#9 – Most goals by a rookie in a single season – Teemu Selanne with 76

Who can forget Teemu’s first season in the NHL when he threw his glove in the air and used his hockey stick as a gun to shoot it. That’s the moment he broke the previous record 15 years ago in the Winnipeg Arena. This was also the last time any player has scored more than 70 goals in a season.


#8 – Most goals in a game by one player – Joe Malone with 7

The oldest record on this list (and possibly in time) is held by the cleanest player to ever play in the NHL. Back in 1920, Malone scored seven goals in one game against the Toronto Maple Leafs. Marian Gaborik popped in five last season while Mario Lemieux has done the same four different times but never seven.

We have to ask ourselves how many times a team scores seven times in a game, let alone from the same player.


#7 – Most ties in a career by a goaltender – Terry Sawchuck with 172

Call me a comedian if you want to but I had to put this on here since there are no longer ties in the NHL game. At the same time, how does someone get that many ties in a career? Sawchuck either kept games really close or his team gave him no goal support to win.


#6 – Fastest hat-trick in a single game – Billy Mosienko in 21 seconds

It would take someone very unique to break this record that has held up since 1952. Mosienko scored 31 goals that season which means he scored 10% of his goals during those 21 seconds. Many people have scored two goals in short times, just not that third.


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#5 – Points by a defenseman in a season – Bobby Orr with 139

In the past ten years the highest scoring defensemen in a season has never exceeded the 80 point barrier little alone match the 102 assists Orr got in 1971. Technically, no player has even scored 130 points for a very long time. The crazy thing about Orr was that he had five seasons with more than 100 points as a solid two-way defensemen.


#4 – Most points in one game – Daryl Sittler with 10

Sittler almost matched Joe Malone’s seven goal night with his six but instead, Sittler decided to add four assists for a ten point night. This was a superb highlight for a guy who played in over 1000 games and averaged over a point a game throughout his career.


#3 – Most Stanley Cups rings by a player – Henri Richard with 11

Nope, not Maurice “the rocket” Richard, I am talking about his younger brother, Henri “the pocket rocket” Richard. Somehow the younger, less known Henri was on three more Stanley Cup teams than his much more famous sibling.

In all four professional sports, only NBA’s Bill Russell has the same amount of championships won as a player.


#2 – Consecutive games played – Doug Jarvis with 964

If you don’t recognize the name, you should. This guy never missed a game in his entire NHL career which truly defines the term “iron man.” He lasted 964 games and played in all of them consecutively. Jarvis’s style of play wasn’t the most aggressive as he only spent 263 minutes in the penalty box but he did play through the tough times.

It doesn’t matter who you are, but if you can play through the late 70’s and entire 80’s without getting injured or missing a game, you must have great hockey sense.

The current “iron man” is Andrew Brunette who has played in 450 games in a row but at the age of 35, he would have to play in every game until the age of 43 to break the record.


And my winner for the best NHL record not held By Wayne Gretzky in NHL history goes to…

#1 – Most Stanley Cups won by a person – Jean Beliveau with 17

Imagine having your name on the Stanley Cup 17 times. Beliveau did it ten times as a player and seven times in Montreal’s office. Today’s NHL is very balanced where any team can team in any year, just look at Carolina and Tampa Bay. During the 60’s and 70’s, Montreal dominated the league winning multiple cups and even five in row at one time.

As a player, Richard’s 11 championships is out of reach and Beliveau’s 17 name appearances on the mug is impossible to reach. The only way this can be achieved is if a GM or coach goes from cup winner to cup winner to get their name on the silver mug. No other way possible.


Best Non-Gretzky Records that deserve Honorable Mention:

  • Most points by a goalie in a game – Jeff Reese with 3

  • Oldest player to play in the NHL – Gordie Howe at 52 years, 11 days

  • Most penalty minutes in a single season – Dave Shultz with 472

  • Most penalty minutes over career – Tiger Williams with 3,966

  • Worst plus/minus in a season – Bill Mikkelson with a -82


By Kevin Chaves
ProHockey-fans.com Staff Writer

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